Seniors Enjoy Annual Outing to Harrison Hot Springs

IMG_0014Every year now for the past two decades, Tonari Gumi seniors have made an annual three day outing to Harrison Hot Springs to enjoy the hot spring waters and to socialize with each other.  Participants’ ages ranged from the mid-60’s (the young ones) to 94 for Sumie Tanaka.  This year, there were three males among the 12 who made the trip, making the event a bit different and providing dance partners for the females who wanted to dance to the live music in the Copper room at the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel.  Although the group started out in a snow storm on Monday, Feb. 24th, by the next day the skies were clear and it turned into a beautiful outing.  Coupled with great food, a little shopping and a lot of good friends to share the experience with, this was a great experience.  Hope that a lot more seniors will join us next year!IMG_0021


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