Christmas Shopping at Tonari Gumi’s Gift Shop!

Tonari Gumi Gift Shop

Tonari Gumi Gift Shop

Looking for that extra special gift?  Don’t overlook the hidden gems that you can find at Tonari Gumi’s gift shop.  We’ve got hand-made handbags, aprons and unique clothing itemsDSC_0330 tailored from kimono fabric and produced by our skilled seniors.  We also have some jewelry items, mugs, eco-shopping bags, craft items and, of course, our own hand-crafted Tonari Gumi greeting cards.  Also available is our famous Tonari Gumi cookbook for your special friends and relatives.   You also know that in doing your Christmas shopping at the Tonari Gumi gift shop you are supporting the many programs and services provided by Tonari Gumi TG cardsfor our seniors and others needing assistance during this time of the year.  So bring joy not only to the recipient but also to the giver in knowing that you are supporting a worthy cause.  Shop TG this year!

For that last minute purchase, we can also mail a copy of our best selling Japanese cookbook to anywhere in Canada.  Just go to the following link and you can also pay on-line:  COOKBOOK

Tonari Gumi’s gift shop is open 9:00 am – 5:00 pm each week day.  Address is at 42 West 49th Ave., Vancouver V5Y 1M7.  Parking is no problem for a quick shopping stop–just park in the passenger unloading area immediately in front of Tonari Gumi for up to 30 minutes.  See you there!

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