A Positive Story from One of our ‘Tech2Go’ Volunteers

Several of our seniors have greatly benefited from participating in Tonari Gumi’s ‘Tech2Go’ program, using tablet computers. One of Tonari Gumi’s volunteers, who visits people living in residential care facilities, has expressed, “I have been visiting a lady in her early nineties for more than a couple of years. In the beginning, every time I visited her, she welcomed me with a warm smile. Recently however, she indicated a decline in her health, both physically and mentally and I noticed she seldom smiled as she had before. I decided to introduce the use of a tablet computer to her.  First, we listened to old Japanese songs and watched videos as a way to understand her preferences and interests.  She appeared delighted to look at landscape scenery and enjoyed singing old Japanese songs with the help of subtitles.  It was such a pleasure for me to see that she was able to read the Japanese subtitles.  The utilization of tablet computers has proven to be an effective way to initiate various stimulating conversations with seniors.”  Our ‘Tech2Go’ Tonari Gumi volunteers are first-hand witnesses to how the use of new technology has greatly improved the quality of life among our seniors.


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