Tonari Gumi Corner – 2018 Fall ~ Winter

Merry Christmas from Tonari Gumi! As explained below, Santa Claus has already been very good to Tonari Gumi and we are very grateful for all the support that we have and continue to receive from throughout the Japanese Canadian community. The members, volunteers and staff of Tonari Gumi want to extend a very sincere Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our generous friends and supporters.

A New Partnership for Tonari Gumi: On November 2, 2018 Tonari Gumi was awarded a $10,000 community partnership award from our bank, the Vancouver City Savings Credit Union, or Vancity. The award was officially presented to us by Samantha Beaulieu, Assistant Branch Manager at the Oakridge Community Branch and Emi Yumura, Account Manager, at the same Branch. The award recognizes Tonari Gumi’s work in improving the lives of seniors within the Japanese Canadian community and will help us to improve Tonari Gumi’s capacity to help more seniors in a more effective manner. The funds will give us the flexibility to provide additional training to our staff and to our key volunteers, so they will have the skills and tools necessary to meet the changing needs of the seniors in our community. Vancity will be including information on Tonari Gumi on the slide shows that are displayed in many of their branches in Vancouver and will also feature copies of our cookbooks on the counters of some branches. We’re extremely pleased that Vancity would want to assist Tonari Gumi in our efforts to help seniors and the most vulnerable in our community. We are looking forward to this being just the first of many projects that we will be able to partner with Vancity to reach out to those in need in the years to come.


2018 Tonari Gumi Fall Bazaar a Positive Success!! Thanks to the hard work of our many volunteers and TG staff, this year’s Fall Bazaar on November 3rd was the most successful in many years. Delicious manju, salted salmon, cakes & cookies, hot and tasty tako-yaki and many other goodies were quickly purchased by our many faithful customers. However, other items such as used kimonos, rummage items and lots of fresh matsutake were treats that contributed to our overall sales. Another new item for this year was our newest publication, “Our Edible Roots: A Japanese Canadian Kitchen Garden”, which has attracted a lot of attention as a much-needed contribution to raising, foraging and cooking Japanese vegetables in Canada. Look for our new publication at the Nikkei Place bookstore in Burnaby, on the West Coast Seeds website, at Nakagama’s Japanese Food Store in Lethbridge, Alberta, at Jennifer Hashimoto’s Nikkei Books in Eastern Canada, and at our website


Year-end Donation Appeal: Hopefully, the Post Office’s work to rule will not prevent our year-end donation appeal letters from reaching your mailbox. This year, we are looking for your help in helping our Lighthouse Programs to continue to help our frail and vulnerable seniors, and for

our TG Cruiser (Tonari Gumi’s new Mini-Van) to help carry our seniors and volunteers throughout the Lower Mainland to enjoy outings and to take our programs and services to where they are needed. Please be generous in your responses. Many thanks for all your help!



隣組の新パートナーシップ: 2018年11月2日、隣組の取引銀行であるVancouver City Savings Credit Union、通称バンシティ(Vancity)から、コミュニティ・パートナーシップ・プログラムの助成金として10,000ドルが授与されました。贈与は、オークリッジコミュニティ支店副支店長であるSamantha Beaulieu氏および同支店アカウントマネージャーのEmi Yumura氏により正式に行われました。この助成金は、日系カナダ人コミュニティにおけるシニアの生活の質を高める隣組の取り組みを評価するものであり、今後より多くのシニアへ支援活動が届くための運営力向上と効率性を高める活動に利用させていただきます。またこの助成金おかげで、今後の活動にも柔軟性が増すとともに、隣組スタッフと第一線で活動するボランティアに、コミュニティにおけるシニアの変わりゆくニーズに応えるために必要な技能や手段を学ぶ機会を提供することが可能になりました。バンシティでは多くの支店で流れるスライドショーに隣組の情報が掲載され、また一部の支店では隣組の料理本がカウンターに何冊か置かれることになりました。コミュニティ内のシニアそして最も社会的立場の弱い人々を支援する隣組の取り組みをバンシティが援助してくださることを非常に嬉しく思います。これをきっかけとして、今後も助けを必要とする人々を支援していくために多くのプロジェクトでバンシティと提携できることを期待します。


2018年 隣組・秋のバザー大成功!!ボランティアの皆様と隣組スタッフの懸命な働きのおかげで、今年11月3日に行われた秋のバザーは過去最高の成功を収めることができました。隣組に信頼を寄せる沢山のお客様が、美味しいお饅頭、塩鮭、ケーキにクッキー、熱々で旨味のあるたこ焼きなど様々な商品をまたたく間にご購入されましたが、その中でも隣組の総売上に大きく貢献したのは、中古着物や掘出し物、そして大量の新鮮な松茸といったその他の商品でした。そして今年のもう1つの新商品は、カナダにおける日本野菜の栽培、収穫、調理に貢献する待望の書籍として大きな注目を集めている隣組の最新出版物「私たちの食材ルーツ:日系カナダ人のキッチンガーデン」です。この新出版物は日系プレースの書店(バーナビー)、West Coast Seedsのウェブサイト、中釜日本食品店(アルバータ州レスブリッジ)、Jennifer Hashimoto氏のNikkei Books(カナダ東部)、また隣組ウェブサイトwww.tonarigumi.caでもお求めいただけます。



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