2019 Tonarigumi AGM

Dear 2018 Tonari Gumi Members,

Please join us for our Annual General Meeting. We will review 2018 results, elect new Directors to the Board, discuss what plans are being considered for the future.

Date: Saturday May 4, 2019
Time: 11:00am start
Location: Tonari Gumi 42 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver


1. Introduction and approval of Agenda
2. Review of Minutes from the 2018 Annual General Meeting (covering the 2017 year)
3. Staff updates
4. Treasurer’s financial overview
5. Questions from the floor
6. Board of Directors election
7. Lunch – potluck provided by the Board

Please see Tonari Gumi’s website (http://tonarigumi.ca/about/board/) for more details on Directors and nominees.

< Following Contents to be updated >

• Directors completing a term and seeking re-election:

o David Iwaasa
o Michael Beaty
o Karen Nishi
o Sanae Moteki

• Incoming Board member nominees:

o Martin Kobayakawa
o Kanako Motohashi
o Tamako Copithorne

• Retiring Board members (mandatory after 3 consecutive terms):

o Keisuke Sato
o Kikko Tasaka

Please contact Tonari Gumi to register for the AGM. If you have a matter you wish to raise for the AGM but are unable to attend in person, please send a letter or email to Tonari Gumi so that it may be addressed by the Board.

David Iwaasa  Chair, Board of Directors

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