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The Tonari Gumi Community extends our heart felt thanks to Atsuko Ichijo, our Program Coordinator, who will be returning to Japan this month to help out her family and to continue her career in helping seniors and promoting physical wellness. Her commitment, dedication, compassion and caring will be greatly missed but it’s great to know she will continue her endeavors in supporting family, friends and her community.

Also, please welcome our new Program Coordinator, Noriko Tanaka, who will join our team the beginning of January. She brings some skills that will definitely benefit Tonari Gumi and comes with a passion to help and improve our community.


Tonari Gumi 10th Annual Christmas Concert

Well over $20,000 was raised just at this event at the St. Matthias & St. Luke Anglican Church as performers throughout our community volunteered their time to come together to sing at our annual benefit concert. The majority of the proceeds will go towards the purchase of a new van that will be used to serve the needs of our community.

Special thanks to our performers: the Vancouver Japanese Language School Choir, the Ensemble Bouquet, Ayako Komaki and her accompanist Munekazu Shiya, and the Tonari Gumi Singers conducted by Kumiko Naito and accompanied by Hiroko Sheppard.

One volunteer did all of the great creative design work for our concert programs, tickets, donation forms and posters; as well as authoring our concert promotion articles in Oops, Fraser and the Bulletin, an extra special thanks to Miki Hayakaze.

And of course all of the other volunteers and Tonari Gumi staff who looked after our parking, reception, refreshments, gift draw and clean-up, thank you for your time and efforts as well!

And lastly, this hugely successful day would not have been possible at all, were it not for the committed efforts of our Christmas Concert Organizing Committee: Midori Seo, Chris Nakahori, Sanae Moteki, Yasuko Yamazaki and Mariko Fukushima. So Many Thanks to You All!

This event is a shining example of the Tonari Gumi Heart of: COMMUNITY Spirit, COMMUNITY Caring and COMMUNITY Support; and the Body that holds this Heart are the many VOLUNTEERS who donate their time to help with our programs, services and special events like our Christmas Concert.

Merry Christmas and the Best of the Holiday Season to Everyone!

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